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Take a look at the following action-adventure thrillers, available as Amazon Kindle e-books or in the case of Tipping Point and Vaporized, as audiobooks also. Sit back, download onto your Kindle and get whisked away on a unique adventure…. Enjoy!

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I am please to announce the release of Tipping Point and Vaporized as audiobooks – you can now listen to Robert Spire’s and Amber Lee’s first adventures without tiring your eyes!

Reviews    RABID READER REVIEW  – “The world is on the brink of an ecological disaster. Climatologists are found dead, and the investigation into their passing takes one man around the globe and into a conspiracy to melt the ice caps and send the world to its tipping point.
While I think Rosser does his best to write a credibly scientific story, I’d be lying to say that I understood every point. That said, Tipping Point is a freaking fabulous thriller. Despite not getting all of the science, I enjoyed this smart and fast read. Not only is Rosser’s novel a well-written and fun roller coaster ride, but it makes you think about global warming and what it is doing in regard to the future of our planet.”

Siberia 1908: A massive explosion occurs above the Tunguska region – The Tunguska Event – releasing the equivalent energy of 185 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. An asteroid impact, or comet fragment is thought to have been the cause. It happened then, and it will happen again… Robert Spire’s greatest adventure may be the world’s last…

Impact Point is a fast-paced Action-Adventure Thriller with an cataclysmic theme… When the World’s largest ever creature – a blue whale – dies in front of Robert Spire on his local Welsh beach, the UK’s Department of the Environment and local population are ill prepared. When a second whale washes up dead on Myrtle Beach on the opposite side of the Atlantic, the scientific community starts asking questions…

A Nazi secret is found hidden beneath the ice, undiscovered for decades…It should have remained that way.

A team of climatologists make a startling discovery during a routine expedition to a melting glacier in Antarctica… In Europe, a secret Nazi document surfaces, which appears to be connected to events unfolding in the Antarctic… Robert Spire, tasked to recover the secret document, soon discovers that sinister forces are at work, and will do all they can to ensure that whatever lies buried beneath the Antarctic ice…remains there.


An ancient artifact from the past…will unleash havoc in the future.

From ancient Greece, to the war-torn deserts of Syria, Robert Spire is thrust into an adventure which spans 2041 years. The hunt is on for ancient clues that must be solved…the countdown to the Cataclysm of the Ancients has begun…

“Good Post Apocalyptic!” – MICHAEL GRUMLEY, author of BREAKTHROUGH and LEAP.
RABID READER REVIEW“Amber and her story are just delicious to read. There is a feeling of the show “Lost” in she is one woman against a big bad and struggling to survive. Rosser’s writing style in Vaporized is very fluid and while I’m not a fan of man against nature movies, I think this novel would be fascinating to see on the big screen. There is a sense that Rosser may continue the story at the end, and I’d love to see that happen. This is an author who clearly has practiced his craft and arrived at any easy flow in his story.
I was thoroughly entertained by Vaporized . It was a good story with a nice flow that was very technically well written. The character, pacing and story were engrossing. I really liked this novel and will recommend it to any fans of science fiction or the human experience.”
Earth has been invaded..
Colonization is underway..
A pocket of humanity survives. Amber Lee just has to live long enough to find it… Amber Lee is back…! Following a cataclysmic event that no one on Earth saw coming, lawyer Amber Lee, awakes in London to find that the city and seemingly the entire population of the UK has been literally vaporized over one night during the summer Bank Holiday weekend – an attack on humanity the news stations call, The Event. Amber sets off across the city, now slowly being taken over by an unknown alien life-form, to her now deserted family home in West Wales. When she arrives, she finds the nightmare has only just started…


A Mysterious Encounter…
A Chase Across Continents…
A Potential Global Conflict…

The new cold war is about to heat up…

London lawyer Jack West has a great job and is married with a beautiful daughter; but his personal life isn’t great, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse…

Mysterious Encounter

When a beautiful woman, who calls herself Amber, takes a keen interest in Jack over lunch in his local wine bar, Jack does his best to resist her advances. But when she pleads with him to walk her home after two sinister looking men enter the bar, he agrees.This was Jack’s first mistake. His second is entering her apartment.

Ten minutes later, Jack feels himself slipping out of control, but a heavy pounding on Amber’s apartment door brings him back to his senses. Five seconds later Amber has been shot and is dying in Jack’s arms, assassinated by the men from the bar, now trying to enter her apartment. Amber’s last words to Jack are; “Run…Take my bag…and run!”

A chase from London to Morocco

With only seconds to think, Jack grabs Amber’s bag and flees for the fire escape, dodging a hail of bullets in the process. He is chased across London by the two men, but who are the crazed assassins and what do they want? With only the contents of Amber’s handbag in his possession, Jack sets about trying to piece together the mystery. Trying to keep the entire incident secret from his wife, he calls Laila, a Moroccan contact from Amber’s diary and arranges to meet her. They soon discover that the men hunting Jack are Russians. But what are they after? And can Jack solve the unfolding mystery before he’s implicated in Amber’s murder?

Russian Conspiracy

Things go from bad to worse for Jack and Laila, and the only clue they have leads them over to Casablanca, in Morocco, but what they discover there only deepens the conspiracy surrounding Amber’s death and her link with the Russian assassins. With the Russian President flying over to the UK for a prisoner swap, and an international crisis brewing, Jack and Laila return to the UK to try and solve the mystery, only to find themselves in a race against time to prevent total global disaster in this fast paced adventure thriller.

Red Mist is a fast-paced spy novel with plenty of action, adventure, mystery and terrorist plots