Red Mist


parisians-b-1Red Mist – my new action conspiracy terrorism thriller is coming out in January 2017. Be sure to reserve your copy from December!

The new cold war is about to heat up…

London lawyer Jack West has a great job, is married with a beautiful daughter; but his personal life isn’t great, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse…

Mysterious Encounter

When Jack meets a beautiful and seductive stranger, Amber, in his local bar one lunchtime he manages to resist temptation, until she insists he walk her home after two men enter the bar and scare the hell out of her. Jack accompanies Amber back to her apartment, but one thing soon leads to another and he finds himself slipping out of control, that is, until a pounding on the apartment door brings him to his senses. Amber goes to answer the door, but five seconds later she has been shot and is dying in his arms, assassinated by the men from the bar, who are now trying to enter her apartment. Amber’s last words to Jack are; “Run…Take my bag and run!”

A chase across London

With only seconds to think, Jack grabs Amber’s bag and runs for the fire escape, dodging a hail of bullets and running for his life as he is chased across London. But who are the crazed assassins and what do they want? With only the contents of Amber’s handbag in his possession, Jack sets about trying to piece together the puzzle, but what he discovers only adds to the mystery. Whilst trying to keep the entire incident secret from his wife, he calls a contact from Amber’s diary, her Moroccan friend Laila, and arranges to meet her. It soon becomes evident that the men hunting Jack down are Russians. But what are they really after, and can Jack solve the unfolding mystery before he’s implicated in Amber’s murder?

Russian Conspiracy

As things go from bad to worse for Jack and Laila, the only clue they have leads them over to Casablanca, Morocco, but what they discover only deepens the conspiracy surrounding Amber’s death and her connection with the Russian assassins. With the Russian President flying over to the UK for a prisoner swap, and an international crisis brewing, Jack and Laila return to the UK to solve the mystery, but find themselves in a race against time to prevent total global disaster.